The Pscychology Of Relocation

Making An Informed Decision About Whether To Relocate

Relocation can be a psychologically hazardous prospect. Although often highly profitable, shifting your employment to a geographically distant location from your current place of work will mean uprooting your home and potentially your family, no matter how stable you currently are.

Whether you are contemplating a slightly longer commute or in fact the concept of working in a different state, it is in your best interests to consider all of your options.

A new career opportunity will open many doors, doors that will lead to higher salaries, career advancement and overall personal progression. Relocating can also improve your relationships with friends and family, as a result of a better work-life balance.

If you are reading this article, you are no doubt already considering the pitfalls and benefits of relocating for a job. Of course, this is a significant decision, involving complex logistics and moving expenses. As anyone who has ever moved for a job will tell you, it is a colossal upheaval! While this can be off-putting, it is essential to recognise the benefits that relocating for a job may hold for you. Advantages include:

  • A Higher Salary
  • Reduced Living Costs
  • A Shorter Commute
  • A More Favourable Work/Life Balance
  • Healthier Lifestyle
  • Better Social Life
  • Better Quality Schools/Childcare
  • Owning A Home Could Also Become More Achievable

To help you make this important decision, we offer constructive advice on the financial implications of relocating your family, such as the cost of living. You might also wish to understand whether there are potential differences in marital, tax and inheritance laws that could be relevant to your prospective move.

Jackson Global has long-standing experience in helping candidates who are considering relocating. Our internal and external experts work through your concerns and will happily analyse your personal situation with you. Using this as a basis, we will help you to understand financial and any other implications of your impending relocation, so that you can be confident you have the information necessary to make an informed decision and consequently accept your dream role.


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